Somdutta Mukherjee

Editor-in-chief and writer

Somdutta is a 5th year student in DSRB. Her research focuses on studying liver development using human pluripotent stem cells. Outside of the lab, she enjoys doing arts and crafts projects and playing the violin.

Alexandra Stanley

Editor-in-chief and writer

Lexy Stanley grew up in San Diego, California. She went to the University of California, San Diego and got a B.S. in Human Biology. Lexy works on bone and muscle development and regeneration in Eileen Shore's laboratory. When not in lab, she’s playing with her dog, kickboxing, or wine tasting.

Camille Syrett

Editor-in-chief and writer

Camille is a 5th year DSRB student studying X-chromosome inactivation in female-biased autoimmunity as part of the Anguera lab. She's named after a hurricane, and she fosters police dogs in training and loves cooking in her free time.

Iryna Shakhmantsir


Iryna is 6th year DSRB student who investigates how biological systems keep time. She enjoys potatoes, Soviet monumental architecture and thai kickboxing.

Arwa Abbas

Blog manager, graphic designer and writer

Arwa studies new and novel human viruses in Rick Bushman’s lab. She has farfetched plans to write her thesis as a graphic novel or as an interactive Shiny web app.

Lindsey Weed

Design editor

Lindsey is a 4th year GTV student developing a photoreceptor model of Leber's Congenital Amaurosis from patient-derived iPSC in the Bennett lab. She plays in a bunch of Philadelphia sports leagues and recently completed her second marathon.

Siddharth Kishore

Graphic designer and writer

Sid is a 4th year student in DSRB studying pancreas development using human embryonic stem cells as a model. He spends his free time playing soccer, muay thai and attempting to paint surrealist art.

Gleb Bazilevsky


Gleb is a 6th year G&E student working on the biochemistry of acetyl-CoA-producing enzymes. He loves long-leaf black teas and is active on Goodreads.

Annie Chen


Annie is a 5th year MVP student in the Goulian lab. She is currently studying two-component systems involved in antibiotic resistance. Outside of lab, she enjoys running, reading, and playing the clarinet.

Ewa Stypulkowski


Ewa is a 6th year DSRB student studying the function of lipid modification on cell polarity in developmental and disease settings. She enjoys organizing, restoring furniture, and has a massive sweet tooth.

Clarissa Rous


Clarissa is a CAMB student interested in stem cell biology and dynamics of APC tumor suppressor loss during colon cancer. She enjoys exploring new places, both in person and through culinary adventures!

Kanika Jain


Kanika Jain is a first year student in the Cancer Biology program. She is passionate about pursuing a career in Tumor Immunology. She has worked as a Radio Jockey (RJ) for her college radio before and takes special interest in dancing and cooking!

Hannah Kolev


Hannah is a first year DSRB student studying stem cell organization and maintenance in the small intestine. She enjoys cooking, taking road trips, and exploring Philadelphia!

Sylvia Stankov


Sylvia is a 1st year GTV student. She enjoys cooking, kayaking and sunshine.

Huanjia Zhang


Huanjia is a Lab Technician at the PennCHOP Microbiome Program. He loves the art and craft of storytelling--stories of the science, the people, and the life behind the bench

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